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Short Answer Questions

1. What will England always be like for Rosa, as noted in the last page of Part Two?

2. Why is Georges planning a party for Manolis?

3. What does Rosa think her future should include with Bernard?

4. Why can't Rosa and Bernard live together?

5. What is the conversation about between the women right before the party for Manolis?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens with the woman in the street that Rosa finds and how does it affect her?

2. What is the first day like of Rosa's visit to Madame Bagnelli's home? How do the two get along? How long does it appear Rosa will stay?

3. What is the party for that Georges plans and what does Gaby do for Rosa for the party? How does Pierre react?

4. Who does Fats go to visit and what does he express as his need?

5. In Pages 262-290, how does Rosa become part of France?

6. Who is Bernard Chabalier?

7. Who does Rosa meet at the bar and what happens between them?

8. Why is Rosa detained and what becomes of her?

9. How is finding Bassie the complete opposite of what Rosa would have imagined?

10. What specifically transpires in the first meeting between Brandt and Rosa?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Everyone plays a role in the cause, some are completely embedded in it; others have a hand in it only. Show how the involvement in the cause of four characters is either deep or on the surface but how all involvement is crucial for change.

Essay Topic 2

What is Apartheid? Where did it stem from? What was the reasoning behind it? How long did it exist in South Africa? What were the effects of it?

Essay Topic 3

In what style is the book written? How does this style add to the book's purpose? How does it allow the reader to view different perspectives?

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