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Short Answer Questions

1. What horrific damage does Rosa see in one eight year old girl?

2. What do Rosa and Bernard enjoy discussing together at the museum?

3. Who is able to visit Rosa in jail?

4. What is the conversation about between the women right before the party for Manolis?

5. What does Rosa believe that the revolutionaries will think of her leaving the country?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Rosa detained and what becomes of her?

2. What is the reason for Flora's party? What specifically do the women discuss?

3. What are Rosa's thoughts concerning her future with Bernard?

4. What is the significance of Flora's party to Rosa?

5. Describe Brandt's home. Why is the modesty of the area in which he lives significant?

6. Where and when does Rosa meet Bernard? What does their relationship quickly become?

7. How do Katya and Rosa handle the idea of Lionel in their relationship?

8. What happens with the woman in the street that Rosa finds and how does it affect her?

9. What specifically transpires in the first meeting between Brandt and Rosa?

10. Who comes to dine on asparagus with Rosa and Katya and what advice do they give Rosa?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why does Rosa go to France? How does she almost accomplish her goal in going there?

Essay Topic 2

In what style is the book written? How does this style add to the book's purpose? How does it allow the reader to view different perspectives?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss Rosa's view of death after the man dies in the public square. How does she equate the death of the ordinary man to her parents' deaths and to her brother's death?

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