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Research the topic of apartheid. Share your findings with the class on a poster board. Include pictures and captions.

Write a Letter

Write a letter from Rosa to her father after the story has ended.

Telling the Story

Choose one of the following characters and tell their story from the novel to the class. Use the voice of the character.

For extra points, dress like the character would have.

• Marisa

• Lionel

• Katya

• Bassie

Promote the Novel

Create a two-minute advertisement on tape that promotes the novel. Use as many class members as needed.

Apartheid and Art

Create a piece of art that shows the concept of Apartheid and its effects on the black people of South Africa.

In Poetry

Write a poem about Apartheid.

Be a Character

Chose a character and tell the story of the character to the class. Use the tone and diction of the...

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