Burger's Daughter Character Descriptions

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Rosa Burger

This character is the protagonist of the novel.


This character is a part-time student and part-time worker at a racetrack; he also frequents the barbecues, but does not want to get involved in the cause in South Africa.

Lionel Burger

This character was a leading figure in the South African Communist Party in South Africa who dies in prison for the cause.

Katya, Madame Bagnelli

This character represents someone who has successfully abandoned politics to live a life unburdened by the needs of the cause.

Bernard Chabalier

This character is a French leftist who is a teacher or a so-called professor in Paris, France.

Flora Donaldson, William Donaldson

This couple supports the cause without getting directly involved against government rules.

Dick Terblanche, Ivy Terblanche

These two characters are longtime dedicated Communist Party members and revolutionaries who go in and out of jail.

Clare Terblanche


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