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Christopher Paul Curtis
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Ms. Amos keep Bud in the place where she banished him?
(a) Ties him up.
(b) Padlocks the door.
(c) Threatens him.
(d) Cuffs him to the wall.

2. What is Bud's mother doing in the picture he has of her in his suitcase?
(a) Frowning.
(b) Dancing.
(c) Waving.
(d) Smiling.

3. What would have happened to Bud had the family not helped him?
(a) He would have been banished from the shelter.
(b) He would have been hungry for at least another mealtime.
(c) He would have had to eat alone.
(d) He would have had to move onto another city.

4. What does Bud wonder about while he is at the library?
(a) Where he will go next.
(b) Where he will sleep that night.
(c) Where he will find lunch.
(d) Where the other librarian is.

5. What does Bud refuse to allow Mr. Amos or the other family members to notice?
(a) His disgust and terror.
(b) His desperate need to belong.
(c) His relief at being away from them.
(d) His fear and anger.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much older than Bud is Todd?

2. Who is Bud trying to find as he sets out after leaving the Amos house?

3. What does Bud have for breakfast?

4. What cause scrapes on Bud as he tries to get out of the barn?

5. How is Bud treated in relation to the family who helps him out?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Jerry worried about his new home and what does Bud do to help?

2. What does Bud dream about and what does this dream cause him to worry about?

3. What realization does Bud come to after he sees the metal bars on the library?

4. How does Bud realize that the Amoses must have rummaged through his suitcase?

5. What do the hornets and the edgy teeth seem to be symbolic of?

6. What happens when the cops show up near where the group is trying to get aboard the train?

7. How does the reader feel after Bud is attacked by the hornets?

8. What would Billy pretend and tease the other boys at the orphanage about?

9. How does Todd's mother react to the situation between Bud and Todd and why does Bud think she reacts that way?

10. What happens to Bud's mother after she becomes angered over one of the blue flyers he carries as a prized possession?

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