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Christopher Paul Curtis
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mr. Calloway pick up and put in his pocket?
(a) A quarter.
(b) A button.
(c) A knife.
(d) A rock.

2. What does the band do about Bud's comment that his father is the grumpiest guy in the group?
(a) Let it lie.
(b) Discuss it amongs themselves.
(c) Argue about it.
(d) Correct him.

3. How does Bud decide is the best way to deal with the situation with the stranger he is riding with?
(a) Ask as many questions as he can think of.
(b) Provide as little information as possible.
(c) Pretend he is sleeping.
(d) Tell a lie to all of the questions.

4. How does the man who Bud accepts a ride with introduce himself?
(a) Mr. Calloway.
(b) Lefty Lewis.
(c) Peanut Head.
(d) Scott Lewis.

5. How does Bud feel about accepting a ride from the stranger?
(a) He believes it is a big risk.
(b) He believes it will help him greatly.
(c) He thinks it is very safe.
(d) He thinks it is what his mother would have wanted.

6. What does Bud find himself daydreaming about in this chapter?
(a) Where he will live when the band travels.
(b) What his mother would think.
(c) What would happen if Miss Thomas adopted him.
(d) Staying with the band permanently.

7. What does Bud tell the man about where he is from?
(a) He tells him that he ran away from Grand Rapids.
(b) He tells him that he fell off of a train.
(c) He tells him that he left an orphanage in Chicago.
(d) He tells him that he is looking for his parents.

8. What emotional event happens to Bud during this chapter?
(a) He becomes withrdrawn.
(b) He becomes enraged.
(c) He becomes saddened.
(d) He cries uncontrollably.

9. What does Bud feel is a euphemism for someone who has died?
(a) Gone.
(b) Away.
(c) Passed away.
(d) Moved on.

10. What responsibility does Bud take with the band?
(a) Cleaning the instruments.
(b) Mopping the floors.
(c) Carrying the instruments.
(d) Taking tickets for their concerts.

11. What time of day is Bud out walking when the man stops and whistles for him?
(a) 12:00 P.M.
(b) 2:30 A.M.
(c) 8:00 A.M.
(d) 9:00 P.M.

12. How does Bud feel about the gift that Eddie offers him?
(a) He doesn't know what to think about it.
(b) He is offended.
(c) He is tickled.
(d) He is surprised.

13. Which of the following words describes how Bud feels about his first real encounter with the band and their crew?
(a) He is facinated by the roles of the crew.
(b) He cannot figure out what part of the band does what.
(c) He is surprised by how they make the music.
(d) He is mystified by the music.

14. How do Miss Thomas and the band feel about Bud's cleaning?
(a) They are thankful.
(b) They believe he can do better.
(c) It keeps him busy.
(d) They have to redo it too make it satisfactory.

15. Which of the following best describes how Bud feels about Miss Thomas?
(a) Dislikes.
(b) Respectful.
(c) Scornful.
(d) Enamored.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Miss Thomas?

2. What does the front of the box in the car say?

3. How is it revealed that Bud and Mr. Calloway are related?

4. How does the stranger react to the fact that Bud attempted to drive the car without him?

5. What does Bud do in order to escape the supposed vampire?

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