Objects & Places from Bud, Not Buddy

Christopher Paul Curtis
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Rules and Things List - This details honesty, distrust of adults, and other fear and trust issues.

Rocks - These are saved from when Bud's mother was alive, and have writing on them.

Flyers - These were something that Bud's mother kept in her drawer and would periodically pull out to look at them.

Suitcase - This serves as a lockbox where Bud keeps anything of importance to him.

The Barn - This is where Bud stays for a short while before going on his journey to find his dad.

Hooverville - This is a term used to describe any town of homeless and/or unemployed people, commonly found during the Depression of the 1930s.

The Home - This is the name Bud calls his orphanage where he and Bugs live.

Grand Rapids - This is where Bud travels to, after being picked up by Lefty Lewis...

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