Bud, Not Buddy Character Descriptions

Christopher Paul Curtis
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Bud Caldwell

The entire novel is told from this character's perspective, from his first years at home with his mother to his tenth year when he finds the family he had once lost.

Dusky Devastators of the Depression

This character is the band name which includes the rumored father of the main character.


This character dies from a mystery illness that she suffered actively for only a few days, until she was found dead.

Deza Malone

This character is understood to be the same age as the main character, and although they seem to have a sarcastic start, she and the main character share a first kiss moment before they go to bed for the evening.

Miss Thomas

This character is the voice of the band and a strong mother figure.

Herman E. Calloway

This character is the bandleader.

Lefty Lewis

This character is a token Good...

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