Bruchko Character Descriptions

Bruce Olson
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Bruce Olson

This person has a strong belief in God and becomes an independent missionary in South America.


This is the adult name for a leader of the Motilone Indians who was known as Cobaydra as a child.

Humberto Abril

This individual is an outlaw who threatens a missionary and the Motilone people.


This person faced a father's anger because of the decision to marry without parental approval.


This person first goes to law school, then medical school, and is killed in a car wreck before becoming a medical missionary.


This person is a young orphan who is problematic and who has an impossible attitude.

Dr. Alfredo Landinez

This physician treats a missionary for hepatitis and risks losing a job by providing the missionary with basic medicines.


This person is a Motilone chief who believes a missionary is a cannibal who will hypnotize...

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