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Bruce Olson
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Chapters 1 through 5

• Bruce Olson chats with a Motilone Indian chieftain, Ayaboquina when outlaw Humberto Abril interrupts their conversation.

• He believes he has the right to claim and settle the land where the Motilone Indians live.

• Another Motilone Indian, Bobby, tells Abril that he has already been given land which he sold, and that he will not be given any additional land.
• Bruce and the Indians know that Abril will not give up, so they pray and ask God to handle the matter.

• It has been only a few hours since Bruce returned to South America from America.

• Bobby met him at the plane and told him how well everything was going with his family and the schools.

• Bruce thinks back to when he was a young man and had planned to earn a doctorate in languages.
• At his home, life was stressful with frequent fighting.

• Then one evening...

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