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Elizabeth George Speare
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Short Answer Questions

1. After meeting Thacia, about what is Leah suddenly interested in learning more?

2. As Leah asks more and more questions, Daniel is forced to think about many things. How does he see it affecting him?

3. What surprise does Leah have for Daniel?

4. Why does Rosh suddenly allow some of the boys from the village to join his group?

5. When Leah asks about the crowds that go see Jesus, Daniel asks if she would like to go. What does she do?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Joel is rescued, what tragic things happen?

2. Why does Daniel plan to go to Capernaum for the Festival of the Day of Atonement?

3. What happens during Daniel's next conversation with Jesus?

4. Why does Rosh change his mind about allowing the village boys to join his group?

5. Why does Daniel not go and follow Jesus?

6. What are the signs that Leah might be improving around the same time that Daniel goes to the festival?

7. When Daniel returns from Nathan's wedding, what does Leah do?

8. Why are Daniel and Joktan experienced in launching ambushes?

9. What does Daniel want Joel to do instead of joining Rosh?

10. Describe the scene when Daniel learns where the fruit came from.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write a short story in which Leah is the only character. The story will consist of her thoughts after she receives her first silver coin from the widow of Chorazin.

Essay Topic 2

Write a description of life in a village such as Ketzah in the days of Jesus.

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay giving your impressions about the imagery of the bronze bow and why you think it gives meaning to the story.

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