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Elizabeth George Speare
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Seeing how delighted Leah is with Thacia's gift, what does Daniel decide to do?
(a) Forbid Thacia to come back again.
(b) Buy something expensive to give to Thacia the next time she comes.
(c) Go to the market and buy cloth for Leah to make into a dress.
(d) Go get some special food for their supper that night.

2. When Joel suggests that he might go live on the mountain, what does Daniel tell him.
(a) That he could take the place of Joktan.
(b) That living there would be good for him.
(c) That Rosh is no longer their leader.
(d) That he could read the scrolls to the men.

3. What is Joel supposed to find out?
(a) Where the banquet will be held.
(b) How much fish will be needed for the banquet.
(c) How many guards will be posted at the banquet.
(d) Which of the wealthy Jews in Capernaum will be attending the banquet.

4. The next day, what is everyone talking about?
(a) How Rosh attacked the banquet and robbed the guests.
(b) How Rosh had killed the guards at the houses he robbed.
(c) How Rosh and his men robbed five wealthy houses the night before.
(d) How Rosh had missed the wealthiest houses in the city.

5. What does Daniel not understand about Thacia?
(a) That she does not like Leah.
(b) That she really does not like him.
(c) That she wants him to see her as a female.
(d) That she blames him for Joel's leaving.

Short Answer Questions

1. On the way to Ketzah, what do Daniel and Thacia discuss?

2. What finally shows that Daniel has found happiness and peace?

3. What two miracles occur there in Simon's house?

4. When Leah asks about the crowds that go see Jesus, Daniel asks if she would like to go. What does she do?

5. Who devises the plan that allows Joel to gather the information?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Daniel plan to go to Capernaum for the Festival of the Day of Atonement?

2. What happens during Daniel's next conversation with Jesus?

3. Back at the cave for a night, what troubles Daniel as he tries to sleep?

4. What does Daniel think to do after he sees how delighted Leah is with the girdle?

5. When Daniel returns from Nathan's wedding, what does Leah do?

6. Why does Daniel continue to go back to Capernaum?

7. Describe the scene when Daniel learns where the fruit came from.

8. How does Joel disguise himself to gather the information Rosh wants?

9. After the night of the festival, what realization comes to Daniel?

10. What happens after Leah's goat dies?

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