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Elizabeth George Speare
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is throwing a big banquet in Capernaum?
(a) Simon.
(b) Hezron.
(c) Herod Antipas.
(d) Jesus.

2. What gift does Thacia leave for Leah?
(a) A small doll that came from China.
(b) Some money to buy a new garment.
(c) A new baby goat.
(d) A beautifully embroidered girdle.

3. Daniel begins to see the boys in a different light. How does he see them?
(a) Not able to carry out the difficult assignments from Rosh.
(b) As grateful to him for helping them get into Rosh's band.
(c) As not trained enough to do the jobs they are given.
(d) Not as soldiers but as petty thieves.

4. What finally shows that Daniel has found happiness and peace?
(a) He allows Marcus to see Leah.
(b) He is happy to see that Thacia is wearing the bronze bow brooch.
(c) He goes to the synagogue to pray.
(d) He runs around the village telling everyone what he saw.

5. How did Nathan die?
(a) He was accidentally killed by Samson.
(b) He fell on his own sword.
(c) He lost his footing and fell right into a group of Romans.
(d) He was killed while pulling Daniel up from the path.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Daniel now reject Rosh?

2. The next day, what is everyone talking about?

3. What makes Leah withdraw again?

4. Who devises the plan that allows Joel to gather the information?

5. What does Daniel do when he returns home?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens during Daniel's next conversation with Jesus?

2. How does Joel disguise himself to gather the information Rosh wants?

3. How does Daniel become a real leader?

4. Back at the cave for a night, what troubles Daniel as he tries to sleep?

5. What does Daniel think to do after he sees how delighted Leah is with the girdle?

6. Why does Daniel not go and follow Jesus?

7. Describe the scene when Daniel learns where the fruit came from.

8. Why can Daniel not speak with Jesus this time?

9. When Daniel returns from Nathan's wedding, what does Leah do?

10. When Joel is rescued, what tragic things happen?

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