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Elizabeth George Speare
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Daniel tell Joel everyone will know one day?
(a) How to kill Romans.
(b) The way to the top of the mountain.
(c) Jesus' plan for the new kingdom.
(d) Rosh's name.

2. What does Ebol tell Daniel they must take from the passing pack train?
(a) All their money.
(b) Bags of tea.
(c) A large black man.
(d) The cargo of silk.

3. How does Daniel overpower the caravan man who Daniel is supposed to take out?
(a) He twists his arm behind his back and takes away his dagger.
(b) He takes him out with an arrow.
(c) He hits him in the head with a rock.
(d) He has a sword fight with him.

4. How does Thacia behave when she sees Daniel?
(a) She screams for him to go away.
(b) She cannot recall having ever seen him before.
(c) She stares but does not speak.
(d) She smiles warmly and invites him in.

5. Why do they now have twice as much water in the camp?
(a) Daniel discovered a spring near the cave.
(b) Samson can carry more water than anyone else.
(c) They moved the camp nearer the river.
(d) It has rained a lot in the desert.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the doctor say kept the old woman alive for so long?

2. Why did Daniel run away from Ketzah in the first place?

3. What is Daniel like as he enters Capernaum?

4. As Daniel is recovering, Joel reads to him from what book?

5. What is the soldier able to do to Daniel?

Short Essay Questions

1. Watching Joel and his sister on the side of the mountain, what memories come back to Daniel?

2. Why do the village men prevent Daniel from yelling curses at the Roman soldiers coming through the town.

3. What is odd about the young Roman soldier who keeps showing up at the blacksmith shop?

4. When the grandmother is dying, no one will try to enter the house. Why?

5. Discuss the symbolism of Daniel hammering flaws out of the hot iron.

6. Why does Simon not join forces with Rosh?

7. What happens when Malthace sees Daniel back at her door?

8. What is it that Jesus tells the people to do that Simon and Daniel do not quite understand.

9. What in Rosh's behavior gives some indication that he is not the hero Daniel thinks he is?

10. The grandmother's house is about to fall down. Where do Daniel and Leah go to live?

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