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Elizabeth George Speare
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What reason does Hezron say the Jews of Capernaum should be grateful to the Romans?
(a) They post a guard around the synagogue.
(b) They do not come to the city often.
(c) They have converted to the Jewish religion.
(d) They built the beautiful synagogue there.

2. What warning does Simon give Daniel before leaving him in charge of the shop?
(a) He must keep in touch with Rosh.
(b) He must be civil to the Romans for the sake of the entire village.
(c) He must never be seen doing any work for the Romans.
(d) He must be careful to pay his taxes on time.

3. Examining the black man, what do the men conclude?
(a) That he is very intelligent.
(b) That he is a danger to them.
(c) That he is bigger than Rosh.
(d) That he is deaf and mute.

4. Why does Simon come for Daniel the morning after he arrives back in the village?
(a) To help him in the blacksmith shop.
(b) To hear the carpenter's son in the synagogue.
(c) To see if he is all right.
(d) To go fishing.

5. How is Simon brought into the camp?
(a) He is inside a big wooden box.
(b) He is carried by Samson.
(c) He is under heavy guard and in chains.
(d) He is blindfolded so he does not know where the cave is.

6. Why does Simon say they have to wash in the pool on the way to the village?
(a) By the time they arrived, it will already be the Sabbath.
(b) If Daniel doesn't wash, his grandmother will not recognize him.
(c) People will fear Daniel because he is so dirty.
(d) There is no water for bathing in the village.

7. How is he useful to Daniel?
(a) Keeping the bellows going so Daniel can make steel.
(b) Hunting for wild game for Daniel to eat.
(c) Repairing Daniel's clothes.
(d) Carrying Daniel down the mountain.

8. Why do Joel and his sister Malthace come to the mountain?
(a) They want to see the view of the land below.
(b) Joel is running away from a Roman Legionnaire.
(c) Joel has heard an army is being formed there to fight the Romans.
(d) Malthace is looking for special herbs for healing.

9. What stirs up Daniel's hatred while Jesus is speaking to the crowd?
(a) The smell of the rough crowd.
(b) The sight of a Roman cross being carried by.
(c) Two Roman soldiers who walk up to listen.
(d) The noise that makes it hard to hear.

10. Where is Daniel from?
(a) Jerusalem.
(b) Bethlehem.
(c) Rome.
(d) Galilee.

11. After he confronts the soldier, Daniel does the only thing he can. What is that?
(a) Steal a horse and ride toward the mountain.
(b) Run.
(c) Jump into the well.
(d) Apologize.

12. What is the only thing that bothers him about leaving the village?
(a) Not having a torch to carry.
(b) The fear that Rosh will send him away.
(c) His concern for Leah.
(d) That Simon will come after him again.

13. What does Leah tell her pet goat?
(a) That she doesn't know who that strange boy is.
(b) That Daniel has come home to protect them.
(c) That Daniel will not barbecue it.
(d) That her grandmother will probably die now.

14. What is the soldier able to do to Daniel?
(a) Chase him up a tree.
(b) Outrun him.
(c) Hit him in the side with his spear.
(d) Push him off a cliff.

15. Why do two men stop Daniel as the soldiers pass by?
(a) If the soldiers get angry, they might destroy the village.
(b) They are not yet ready to attack the Roman army.
(c) They do not want the soldiers to find aout about Rosh.
(d) They are Roman citizens.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do most people think that someone is doing on the mountain?

2. What is Daniel's problem with the Jewish merchants in the city?

3. How does Daniel finally get back to the cave?

4. What does Simon suggest after the grandmother dies?

5. What does Thacia do for Daniel?

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