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Elizabeth George Speare
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 23.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What stirs Leah out of the corner during the night?
(a) Daniel telling stories of their childhood.
(b) A rat that comes for the bread.
(c) A snake that drops from the ceiling.
(d) The small fire Daniel lights.

2. How does Joel get injured?
(a) Rosh hits him.
(b) The big black man hits him.
(c) He falls down the mountain.
(d) A mule kicks him.

3. What does Daniel do when he returns home?
(a) Goes up on the roof because Leah is sleeping.
(b) Tells Leah that it was boring.
(c) Tells Leah all about the festival and the dancing.
(d) Makes Leah prepare him some supper.

4. Why is Daniel ashamed of himself?
(a) He gave the brooch to Thacia instead of Leah.
(b) He realizes that his outburst of temper with Leah has undone all her progress.
(c) He did not go looking for the Roman soldier to kill him.
(d) He has failed in everything he tried to do.

5. What was Daniel's father trying to do when he was caught and executed?
(a) Form an army to fight the Romans.
(b) Putting poison in the Roman's wine.
(c) Helping people avoid paying their taxes.
(d) Get Daniel's uncle out of jail.

Short Answer Questions

1. What stirs up Daniel's hatred while Jesus is speaking to the crowd?

2. Who devises the plan that allows Joel to gather the information?

3. The grandmother's house is falling down. Where do Leah and Daniel go to live?

4. Why does Simon come for Daniel the morning after he arrives back in the village?

5. What news does Thacia bring to Daniel?

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