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Elizabeth George Speare
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Daniel think regarding his relationship to Joel?
(a) That he has never had a real friend before.
(b) That Joel will never leave his luxury.
(c) That Joel does not see the Romans the same way he does.
(d) That Joel is too snobby for him.

2. What does Daniel witness that makes him vow revenge on the Romans?
(a) The destruction of his grandmother's house.
(b) The burning of Ketzah.
(c) The crucifixion of his father and the death of his mother.
(d) The abduction of his sister.

3. Why do they now have twice as much water in the camp?
(a) It has rained a lot in the desert.
(b) They moved the camp nearer the river.
(c) Daniel discovered a spring near the cave.
(d) Samson can carry more water than anyone else.

4. How does Daniel react to the sight of the Roman soldiers?
(a) He starts crying, thinking about his parents.
(b) He thinks about joining them.
(c) He begins to yell curses at them.
(d) He runs for cover.

5. Why can Daniel not get the parts he needs from Simon?
(a) Simon is angry with Daniel for not returning to care for his relatives.
(b) Simon will not give him parts for Rosh.
(c) Simon's shop is locked up and he has left the village.
(d) Simon does not have the parts Daniel needs.

Short Answer Questions

1. The grandmother's house is falling down. Where do Leah and Daniel go to live?

2. What political conflict is going on at the time of this story?

3. What does Rosh want Daniel to do as a favor to him?

4. Why does Daniel have trouble getting to sleep that night?

5. Why is Daniel continually drawn back to Capernaum?

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