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Elizabeth George Speare
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Jairus, a ruler of the synagogue, come to see Jesus?
(a) He wants to identify Jesus so he can persecute him.
(b) His daughter is sick and he wants Jesus to heal her.
(c) He wants to have him tried as a blasphemer.
(d) He wants to hear for himself what everyone is saying.

2. What was Daniel's father trying to do when he was caught and executed?
(a) Helping people avoid paying their taxes.
(b) Get Daniel's uncle out of jail.
(c) Putting poison in the Roman's wine.
(d) Form an army to fight the Romans.

3. Who comes to the blacksmith shop to have a scythe repaired?
(a) Ebol.
(b) Joel.
(c) A Roman soldier.
(d) Nathan.

4. What story did Simon tell Daniel about Jesus?
(a) How a blind mand was made to see.
(b) How Jesus walked on water.
(c) How 5,000 people were fed by Jesus.
(d) How they tried to kill him in Nazareth.

5. What stirs Leah out of the corner during the night?
(a) A rat that comes for the bread.
(b) Daniel telling stories of their childhood.
(c) The small fire Daniel lights.
(d) A snake that drops from the ceiling.

Short Answer Questions

1. Some people do not have a high opinion of Rosh. What do they think he is?

2. Why does Joel insist on staying near Daniel when the pack train is coming?

3. After meeting Thacia, about what is Leah suddenly interested in learning more?

4. What is Rosh's attitude when Daniel goes to tell him he now has to stay in the village?

5. What does Joel tell Daniel about Rosh?

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