The Bronze Bow Character Descriptions

Elizabeth George Speare
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Daniel bar Jamin

Youth who vows to expel the Romans from Palestine after they crucify his father.

Joel bar Hezron

A scribe's son destined to be a rabbi but one who is willing to advocate violence against the Romans.

Malthace (Thacia)

Joel's sister who is the first one to see the options of achieving their goals of fighting the Romans through love and understanding rather than through war.


The leader of the outlaws reputed to be preparing to do battle against the Romans but whose actions appear to be more for his own advancement than for those of the Jewish people.


The youngest of Rosh's bandits, a stuttering, skinny boy, who is generally frightened of most everything but finally decides to leave Rosh and help Daniel in Joel's rescue.


A huge black slave that Rosh and his men steal from some tradesmen; his dedication to...

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