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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Johnny-Boy do when his mother talks to him about the party?
(a) He asks her what he should do.
(b) He defends his actions.
(c) He calls her a liar.
(d) He agrees with her.

2. What does Sue do after the answer to question #72?
(a) Heats up her iron.
(b) Sits at the kitchen table.
(c) Makes them tea.
(d) Asks them to leave.

3. What happens when Johnny-Boy dozes off?
(a) Reva comes back.
(b) His pipe drops to the floor.
(c) Lightning hits the house.
(d) He starts to snore.

4. Even after joining the Communists, in what did Sue find comfort?
(a) Going to church.
(b) Being in a pray group.
(c) Old spiritual songs.
(d) Talking to her minister.

5. When does Sue shut the door after Johnny-Boy leaves?
(a) When she can't hear his foot steps.
(b) After sweeping the dust out the door.
(c) When she sees the sheriff coming.
(d) When Johnny-Boy gets in his car.

6. What does Sue feel in her face?
(a) Left over greens from dinner.
(b) A burlap sack.
(c) Water from the tea pot.
(d) A mosquito.

7. What does Reva tell Sue to tell Johnny-Boy?
(a) That her father is looking for him.
(b) That she loves him.
(c) That they have a date Saturday.
(d) To keep his comrades away from her house.

8. By what is Sue consumed?
(a) Forgiveness for the Sheriff.
(b) Bitter pride.
(c) Bitter knowledge.
(d) Tolerance for the ignorant Sheriff.

9. Where does Sue find people in her house?
(a) Johnny-Boy's room.
(b) The kitchen.
(c) The living room.
(d) In her bedroom.

10. What does Sue tell Johnny-Boy about the meeting?
(a) That the place will have to be moved.
(b) That the sheriff knows about it.
(c) That she will attend.
(d) She doesn't mention the meeting.

11. What does the sheriff do when Sue doesn't answer all his questions?
(a) He leaves.
(b) He kicks her in the shin.
(c) He handcuffs her.
(d) He slaps her in the face.

12. Of what is Sue proud?
(a) Of the way her home was clean and neat.
(b) Of her son.
(c) Of the way she does not scream when hit.
(d) Of her defiance, pride and strength.

13. What does she do when the sheriff ask her the question from question #74?
(a) She spits in his face.
(b) She doesn't respond.
(c) She begins to cry.
(d) She says she doesn't know.

14. With what does the Sheriff again threaten Sue?
(a) The death of her son.
(b) Rape.
(c) A charge of aiding and abetting.
(d) Life in prison.

15. What did Sue see as taking precedence over her life?
(a) White people's laws.
(b) Taking care of her sons.
(c) Winnning the lottery.
(d) Staying alive.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Sue taunt the Sheriff?

2. For whom does the cold and rain make Sue long?

3. What does the sheriff ask Sue about the meeting?

4. What does Sue tell the sheriff?

5. What does Sue say to the people in her house?

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