Bright and Morning Star Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is the weather like in the beginning of this story and what is Sue thinking about as she looks out the window?

It is raining and has been for quite some time. As Sue looks out her window into the dark, miserable night, her thoughts turn to Johnny-Boy who has been out in this weather all day. She briefly wonders why he didn't send someone else out in the rain, then reminds herself that he doesn't trust very many people.

2. What kind of work does Sue start to do after looking out the window? What does she wish for as she works?

Sue then turns her attention to the pile of clothing in the zinc washtub that needs to be ironed. She irons in silence for quite some time, but when a gust of wind causes the rain to pelt her window, she again wishes for Johnny-Boy to come home.

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