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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sue do when Reva leaves?
(a) Has a drink.
(b) Goes to bed.
(c) Stands in the doorway and watches her.
(d) Makes some tear.

2. What did Sue begin to think the Communist Party's beginnings were like?
(a) The Medieval Crusades.
(b) The sun shining after a week of rain.
(c) Jesus' Resurrection.
(d) The American Civil War.

3. How does Sue earn her living?
(a) Sewing clothes.
(b) Cleaning houses.
(c) Serving in the school's cafeteria.
(d) By washing and ironing other people's laundry.

4. What does Sue need to do with the clothes in the zinc wash tub?
(a) Mend them.
(b) Iron them.
(c) Wash them.
(d) Fold them.

5. What has the sheriff discovered that has him upset?
(a) There's to be a party meeting.
(b) Sue hasn't finished his laundry yet.
(c) Johnny-Boy hit a car and left the scene.
(d) Reva stole some drugs.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who told Sue about what happened to her son who went to jail?

2. How does Sue feel about Reva?

3. What's the first thing Sue tells Reva to do when she comes inside?

4. When is Johnny-Boy happiest?

5. What does Sue feel strongly about Johnny-Boy while Reva is there?

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