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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Reva tell Sue to tell Johnny-Boy?
(a) That they have a date Saturday.
(b) That she loves him.
(c) That her father is looking for him.
(d) To keep his comrades away from her house.

2. How does Reva think things will turn out?
(a) Badly.
(b) Fine.
(c) She has no idea.
(d) She doesn't say.

3. By what is Sue consumed?
(a) Bitter knowledge.
(b) Forgiveness for the Sheriff.
(c) Bitter pride.
(d) Tolerance for the ignorant Sheriff.

4. Is giving Booker the names likely to change the outcome?
(a) No since the Sheriff already found Sue's black book.
(b) Yes because Johnny-Boy dies before the Sheriff learns anything.
(c) Yes because Johnny-Boy escaped before the Sheriff learns anything.
(d) No since Johnny-Boy is already in custody.

5. What did Sue see as taking precedence over her life?
(a) Taking care of her sons.
(b) Staying alive.
(c) White people's laws.
(d) Winnning the lottery.

Short Answer Questions

1. What seemed to continually test Sue's faith?

2. What does Sue think the person in her house wants?

3. What happens when Johnny-Boy dozes off?

4. What does the Sheriff do when he hears Sue yell at him?

5. What happens to Sue after question #76?

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