Bright and Morning Star Character Descriptions

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Booker - He is a white man who recently joined the Communist Party. He is so new to the party that he does not know the name of the other people who belong to it.

Johnny-Boy - He is one of the two sons of Sue. The story opens with Sue waiting for him, who is late in coming home.

Reva - She is a young white woman who is infatuated with Johnny-Boy, but the two never come into contact in the course of the story, symbolic of their ill-fated relationship.

Sheriff - He appears with a group of rowdy white men at Sue's home. He and the group of men walk into Sue's house uninvited and begin to eat her food.

Sue - She holds the main focus of the story. She is the mother of Johnny-Boy and Sug.

Sug - He is Sue's other...

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