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Part 1

• Sue looks out her window into the dark, miserable night, her thoughts turn to Johnny-Boy, who has been out in this weather all day.

• Sue also thinks of her other son, Sug, wishing he was home instead of in jail.

• Sue knows that she is overly anxious and has been ever since she learned that another Communist party meeting was being planned.

• Johnny-Boy is out notifying others of the meeting but is over an hour late in arriving home. Sue worries something has happened to him.

• It was just a year ago that Sug was out notifying fellow Communists about a meeting when he was arrested.

• Sue recalls the day she learned of Sug's arrest.

• She was returning home with a bundle of laundry when Bob, Johnny-Boy's friend, called her from across the field.

• He told her that Sug had been taken away by the sheriff. In...

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