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The Dreaming

This is the setting of the dreams of mortals and as such, is mutable and can contain any type of environment that mortals can conjure up.

Destiny's Garden

This is a maze of topiary and statues. The paths here are said to mirror all the possible choices of existence.

Delirium's Realm

This is a formless mix of colors and symbols. It is rendered as a chaos of activity and includes the visions of insane mortals and the prattle of madmen all around.

Destruction's Sword

This is a real weapon, but it is also a sigil that represents the office of the holder.

The Sigils of the Endless

These sigils are objects possessed by each of the siblings - each one with a different object.

The Galleries of the Endless

These contain portraits of the personal objects of the other members of the family.

Lucien's Library


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