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Dream of the Endless, Morpheus, Lord Shaper, the Sandman - This character's appearance varies over time and can also depend on how he wishes to be seen. His natural state is that of a tall, rake-thin man, with modern, Gothic-style clothing and hair.

Delirium of the Endless - This character appears as a young girl of perhaps twelve or thirteen, with mismatched hair and eyes.

Destruction of the Endless - This character is responsible for all acts of chaos and, consequently, all acts of creation.

Destiny of the Endless - This character came into being shortly after existence was created. He never leaves his realm but instead walks in his garden.

Death of the Endless - This character escorts dead beings into something further and unknown. She appears as a young, gothically-dressed woman, and she wears a silver ankh around her neck.

Desire and Despair of the...

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