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Chapter 1

• This is the 7th book in the series, and the story line is placed right after the events in the 4th book.

• Nada and Dream have just broken up and Nada is to be re-born as a human so she can forget Dream.

• Dream has been locked up in his castle while it rains for days. Delirium hopes to distract him by asking for his help to find Destruction.
• Andros, an old man, is walking along a Mediterranean cliff. He sees his grandson, Kris, who has an assault rifle.

• Kris is guarding Orpheus's sanctuary. He lets Andros in.

• Andros and Orpheus, Dream's son, greet each other and watch the sun rise.
• Delirium is crying in an London alley; a vagrant woman tries to cheer her up, but cannot.

• Delirium wanders into a gay and lesbian bar where she sees someone who she thinks is her sister, Death...

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