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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Boy suggests they go to __________.
(a) The Hundreth Club
(b) Stringfellows
(c) The Royal London Club
(d) The Mill Club

2. What is the name of the main character of the novel?
(a) Sebastian Mainstream
(b) Rex Mottram
(c) Lord Fellows
(d) Charles Ryder

3. What is the name of Charles' friend who first invites him to Brideshead?
(a) Chocky
(b) Sebastian
(c) Julia
(d) James

4. Who is the only character put on trial in this chapter?
(a) Charles
(b) Effie
(c) Boy
(d) Sebastian

5. Where does Charles spend the New Year's holiday?
(a) New York
(b) Venice
(c) London
(d) Brideshead

Short Answer Questions

1. Who picks up Charles from the station?

2. Who sends Charles a telegram at the beginning of this section?

3. Who does Charles receive a visit from in this chapter?

4. What is Charles' rank in the army?

5. Which of the following is the name of one of Sebastian's friends?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Charles and Julia spend their time at Brideshead in Book 2, Chapters 3 and 4?

2. In what does Charles show his difference from the others in the first chapter?

3. How does Cordelia react to seeing Sebastian and Charles naked on the roof?

4. Describe Sebastian's parents.

5. How did Sebastian injure his foot in Chapter 3?

6. What does Boy suggest they do to spice up their evening?

7. What is Julia's reason for not marrying Charles?

8. What information does Cordelia bring about her brother, Sebastian?

9. How has Waugh dealt with the theme of homosexuality so far in the novel?

10. How does Rex find a way to marry Julia?

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