Brideshead Revisited Character Descriptions

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Mrs. Abel - A cook whose cooking skills are not very good.

Alfred - He gives advice to Charles' father about how to dress which he steadfastly follows.

Aloysius - A teddy bear that a character carries with him nearly everywhere he goes during his first year at Oxford. It is referred to as if it were a living creature, with likes and dislikes and moods.

Antoine - See Anthony Blanche

Monsignor Bell - He is asked to give a number of lectures about his failures at school and his heavy drinking.

Anthony Blanche - He is a boisterous character interested in food, wine, and having a good time. He is referred to as an "aesthete par excellence." There are indications that he is homosexual.

Lady Brideshead - See Beryl Muspratt

Bridey - See Lord Brideshead Flyte

Cara - She is a middle-aged, "well-preserved" woman who speaks...

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