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Monica Ali
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Chanu brings Nazneen her:
(a) new sari
(b) tasbee
(c) jewelry
(d) clean clothing

2. Who is Karim?
(a) a boy from the building
(b) the nephew of the sweatshop owner
(c) a friend of Chanu
(d) a member of the Lion Hearts

3. Before doing housework, Nazneen:
(a) reads the newspaper
(b) sneaks out to shop
(c) reads from the Qur'an
(d) sits and gossips with her friends

4. Chanu's philosophy regarding his new job is:
(a) to become a supervisor
(b) to take the money, count it and put it away
(c) to learn from his customers
(d) to quit as soon as possible

5. Who does Nazneen think of while doing her housework and cooking?
(a) Dr. Azad
(b) Banesa
(c) Hasina
(d) Chanu

6. What advice does Nazneen have for Raiza?
(a) to find a job no matter what her husband says
(b) to leave her husband
(c) to see a marriage counselor
(d) to make up with her husband for the children's sake

7. Why does Hasina feel that Nazneen is depressed:
(a) Nazneen says she is unhappy
(b) her letters are short
(c) her husband is unemployed
(d) Nazneen wants a different kind of life

8. What does Dr. Azad mention that Nazneen knows nothing about?
(a) aseeing Chanu as a patient
(b) a petition
(c) nothing
(d) having dinner with Chanu

9. What does Nazneen refer to as the eternal three way torture?
(a) daughter-wife-daughter
(b) husband-wife-husband
(c) daughter-father-daughter
(d) husband-wife-daughter

10. Nazneen describes her husband as:
(a) kind
(b) ultra religious
(c) mean
(d) egotistical

11. Raiza complains that her husband:
(a) is seeing another woman
(b) won't work
(c) deserted her
(d) sends too much money home

12. Raiza brings Nazneen:
(a) groceries
(b) medication for her burning urination
(c) maternity clothes
(d) the newspaper

13. Nazneen has a dream about:
(a) a mynah bird that wouldn't fly away
(b) her sister
(c) Mrs. Islam
(d) her daughter's disappearance

14. Hasina's letters indicate that she is:
(a) back with her second husband
(b) working in the farment factory
(c) working in a house of prostitution
(d) working as a maid and nursemaid for a good family

15. As Nazneen is walking around lost, what does she think of:
(a) talking to Mrs. Islam
(b) her mother
(c) her baby
(d) her favorite sura from the Qur'an

Short Answer Questions

1. Hasina is living in a respectable district in Narayanganji in:

2. Karim invites Chanu and Nazneen to:

3. What is the problem with Ruku?

4. What will Chanu have within several months of the dinner with Dr. Azad?

5. Chanu uses his computer to:

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