Brick Lane Short Essay - Answer Key

Monica Ali
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1. What were the circumstances of Nazneen's birth?

The child wasn't breathing and was purple. Once she began to breathe, she wouldn't eat. The midwife said the child's survival was a matter of fate.

2. What were the circumstances of Nazneen's sister's marriage?

Nazneen's sister, Hasina, eloped with Malek and ran away. Her father Hamid said she would be beheaded if she returned to his house and waited for her for sixteen days.

3. Did Nazneen have any say in her marriage to Chanu?

No, Nazneen had no say in the marriage to Chanu. The marriage was arranged by her father who told her about it a month before and asked if she wanted to see his picture.

4. How do Chanu and Nazneen feel about one another at this point?

Chanu feels he has made a good marriage to an unspoiled hard working village girl. Nazneen feels her father has arranged a good marriage to a man who can provide for her.

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