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Monica Ali
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Since the book takes place in London and there is so much reference to Pakistan and Bangladesh, obtain maps of these places so students can identify the various locations.

Room Decoration

This book is about the Bangladesh culture. Have the students decorate the room with a Bangladeshi theme while they are studying the book.

Pictures of Clothing

Different items of clothing are mentioned throughout the book: saris, panjabi pajamas, skullcaps, kameer, bourkas, kurta, etc. Have the students find pictures of these items of clothing and share them with the class.


Allow the students to organize a banquet consisting of Bangladeshi and Pakistani food. Have the students decide who will bring what items so they can sample the culture.

Debate - Free Will versus Predestination

Nazneen was stillborn and the midwife said that it was fate that would determine whether or not the baby would live. Does...

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