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Monica Ali
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Essay Topic 1

Both Hasina and Nazneen grew up in the same household but they both chose different paths. Discuss this situation. Why would Hasina break with the tradition of her culture and flee her village? Why would Nazneen make the choices she makes?

Essay Topic 2

Nazneen accepts the marriage to the man her father has chosen even though he is a complete stranger to her. What does she realize about him when

Ruku dies that makes her think her father did a good job in selecting a husband for her? Does she think that she and Chanu are very different?

Essay Topic 3

What did Chanu lead his family to believe all of the years he was in England? Was this very ethical of him? Why do they want money for him?

Essay Topic 4

According to Dr. Azad, most of the Pakistani immigrants who come to England think they...

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