Brick Lane Character Descriptions

Monica Ali
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Nazneen Ahmed

This character is married to Chanu who describes her as a simple, unspoiled village girl. She overhears him tell someone that she is not beautiful, but she is not so ugly either.

Chanu Ahmed

This character iTs Nazneen's husband and talks and plans a lot, but he never accomplishes anything.


This character is Nazneen's beautiful younger sister.

Mrs. Islam

This character is an elderly woman who is well-respected in the Bangladeshi community of Tower Hamlets. She is a money-lender who collects very high interest and uses her power to forces borrowers to pay back much more than what they owe her.

Razia Iqbal

This character is Nazneen's neighbor and friend and begins working at a sewing factory to support herself and her two children, Tariq and Shefali. Razia becomes a British citizen and proudly sports a sweatshirt with the Union Jack (the British flag) emblazoned...

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