Brick Lane Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Monica Ali
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Chapter 1

• In 1967 in Pakistan, Rupban was plucking a chicken when she went into labor and gave birth to a girl names Nazneen. The sickly child teetered on the brink of death but fate determined that she live.

• Nazneen's father arranged a marriage for her when she was eighteen. She would go to England with her husband.

• In London, in 1905, Nazneen wonders about her sister Hasina as she cooks and does the housework and gossips with Mrs. Islam.

Chapter 2

• At dinner, Dr. Azad and Chanu discuss the role of the Pakistani immigrants in London.
• Chanu is educated with a degree from Dhaka University and is working on another degree in London. He is worrying abut obtaining a promotion at work. He is good to Nazneen who soon tells him that she is pregnant.

Chapter 3

• Nazneen goes out on her own after Chanu leaves for work. She is wandering around...

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