Objects & Places from Born on the Fourth of July

Ron Kovic
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The Southeast Asian country where Kovic was injured.

The Fourth of July

The day on which Kovic was born which regularly symbolized his shattered pride in his country.

The VA Hospitals

The place that takes care of soldiers when they are injured.

Republican National Convention

In 1972, Kovic and some fellow veterans crashed this event.


The device that ran Kovic's urine to his urine bag.

Los Angeles

The California metropolis where Kovic moved with his friend Kenny after returning from Vietnam.


This was an object required yet despised by Kovic.

The Village of the Sun

This is the veterans' resort in Mexico where many US veterans lived and visited.


The great American pastime that Kovic grew up loving with his whole heart.


The New York town where Kovic got an apartment of his own after returning from Vietnam.

Massapequa, New York

Ron Kovic's hometown...

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