Born on the Fourth of July Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Ron Kovic
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Chapter 1

• Ron Kovic is introduced.
• Kovic is shot and paralyzed.
• Kovic is taken to a military hospital.
• The general awards Purple Hearts to the wounded soldiers.
• Kovic is sent home.

Chapter 2

• Kovic is taken to St. Albans Naval Hospital.
• Kovic is placed in the neuro ward.
• Kovic receives a medal for Conspicuous Service to the State of New York.
• Reader is introduced to other people in the ward.

• The author describes the horrors of being wounded and being forced into unsanitary conditions.
• Physical therapy begins.

Chapter 3

• Kovic revisits his birthday.

• Reader learns about Kovic's love for baseball.
• Kovic's father is introduced and his profession discussed.

• The Kovics are religious people.
• Kovic participates in many games.

• Kovic joins sports teams in school.
• Reader is introduced to military personnel.

Chapter 4

• Story returns to the present.

• Kovic attends a Memorial Day parade.

• Other local dead or wounded soldiers are discussed.

• People...

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