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Fae M. Ng
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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the sewing ladies listen to during their breaks at the sweatshop?

2. Mah admits her ___________ and says that she wants to be a family again with Leon.

3. Who wants to have a fancy Chinese wake in order to commemorate the life of Ona in the neighborhood?

4. What is the celebration which is taking place all too soon after the death of Ona?

5. What is the word that Luday keeps repeating to Mah which helps her to feel calmer?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Leila have to translate between Leon and a Woolworth's manager when Ona was eight or nine?

2. What are the Confucian virtues, according to the start of this chapter?

3. Why does Leon want to tell everyone about the death of Ona in Chinatown?

4. Things have changed after the affair. What are Leon and Mah like after the affair with Tommie Hom?

5. What is the argument between Leon and Mah regarding the ashes of Ona after her death?

6. Why does Leon want to have a fancy Chinese wake for Ona after her suicide, though Nina suggests a simple cremation?

7. What is the only thing Nina asks Leila to do in order to handle Mah's trip to Hong Kong?

8. What does Mah do when Nina decides to bring the urn with Ona's ashes to Baby Clothes?

9. When Mason and Leila come to fetch Leon, what do they find he has done in his apartment?

10. What are some of the things Leila does that makes Mason feel bothered, according to this chapter?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

As the family grows up, many establish their independence by moving as far away as possible - a common theme in immigrant family stories.

Part 1: Why do you think Nina feels she needs to move as far away as possible?

Part 2: Why does Leila feel as though she needs to establish her independence from her family by eloping?

Part 3: Why do you think children in this family feel they need to distance themselves from the rest of their family in the actions they take?

Essay Topic 2

Love has a number of different definitions and examples during the course of this story.

Part 1: Do you think Leon and Mah love each other? Why or why not?

Part 2: Why do you think that Nina is looking for love within her tour group job?

Part 3: Do you think that Leila is truly in love with Mason? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

The idea of the bones being the reason for the bad luck in the novel is one that seems silly to some readers. But is it?

Part 1: Do you believe in the idea of luck and of bad luck? Why or why not?

Part 2: Why do you think the bones are so important to the luck of the family?

Part 3: Why do you think that the bones were not handled in the way they were supposed to be handled?

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