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Fae M. Ng
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is NOT a part of Leon's story of how he came to America 50 years before?
(a) He was granted entry to the US
(b) He married Mah
(c) He bought his surname
(d) He memorized someone else's history

2. Leila finds in the papers an affidavit of _______________ for Mah and Fu.
(a) Children
(b) Divorce
(c) Business
(d) Marriage

3. Who promises not to bitch when Leon finally arrives back at home, safe and sound?
(a) Leila
(b) Nina
(c) Mah
(d) Mason

4. Leila's first case as a family counselor is with the parents of ____________ who do not show up or answer the phone.
(a) Roger Lee
(b) Andrew Cheng
(c) Edward Yee
(d) Sabrina Wu

5. What does Mah eat alone in the kitchen as she does not want to let anything go to waste?
(a) Chicken skin
(b) Grizzle
(c) Paper wrappings
(d) Bony parts

6. What does Leila want to sign Leon up for, so she takes him over to the office in the city?
(a) Social Security
(b) Medicaid
(c) Medicare
(d) Welfare

7. Who is Leila's favorite of all of Leon's fleabag friends, so she seeks him out to find Leon?
(a) You Thin Toy
(b) Terrence Bay
(c) Nam Ping Yuen
(d) Mason Louie

8. Mah warns Leila against eating ___________ every day, though Leila argues that she likes the taste.
(a) American
(b) Japanese
(c) Mexican
(d) Chinese

9. Who suggests going out to dinner, though Leila instantly recalls a time when they did so with less than positive results?
(a) Mason
(b) Mah
(c) Leon
(d) Zeke

10. Since Ona killed herself, it has been too hard for __________ to live with Mah on Salmon Alley.
(a) Leon
(b) Nina
(c) Mason
(d) Leila

11. What is the one fact of Leon's life that he cannot document with any certainty because of so many aliases?
(a) Address
(b) Name
(c) Place of birth
(d) Birth date

12. When Fu leaves for __________, Mah learns the ropes and becomes his best worker.
(a) Japan
(b) Africa
(c) China
(d) Australia

13. _____________ understands that Leon needs time away, and is sure he will be safe on a ship.
(a) Mason
(b) Leila
(c) Mah
(d) Nina

14. Frank Jow and all of Chinatown know of the family's ________, which embarrasses Leila.
(a) Cousins
(b) Secrets
(c) Troubles
(d) Financial situation

15. Leila and Mason fly into _________ as Nina returns from a tour of the Yangtze River area.
(a) New York
(b) Boston
(c) Washington DC
(d) Chicago

Short Answer Questions

1. Mason says that __________ is too much like Leon, keeping everything, remembering everything.

2. Zeke has a crush on ___________, but she deems him too Chinatown and too short for her tastes.

3. When Ona, too, is lost, Leon decides to ship out to ______________ in response.

4. Who tells Leon that he cannot go into the place where he wants to go?

5. Leila talks to Mason about a ___________ to her her forgive and to forget.

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