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Fae M. Ng
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Leila go in order to find where Grandpa Leong's body is buried in the city?
(a) Benevolent Association
(b) Shipyard
(c) Veteran's Building
(d) Mausoleum

2. ____________ does not offer to come to the home in Chinatown immediately when called.
(a) Leon
(b) Osvaldo
(c) Leila
(d) Nina

3. Leon takes __________ buses and shows up in Jorge's parking lot as a result.
(a) Three
(b) Four
(c) Five
(d) Two

4. Grandpa looks like one of the Eight Holy ________________, sun-leathered skin, elephant eyes, and slow moving.
(a) Ghosts
(b) Immortals
(c) Mortals
(d) Monks

5. Leong had left no burial funds for when he died, so ____________ had to beg for donations from others.
(a) Nina
(b) Leon
(c) Leila
(d) Mah

Short Answer Questions

1. What had Ona done when Leila had to translate a conversation between a Woolworth's manager and Leon?

2. Someone thinks that Leong's body may have been _________________ in order to make room for others.

3. Leon wonders whether Ona was _________ or whether she was given drugs to cause her to jump.

4. What does Leila smell when she walks in the door and sees the lights out in the start of this chapter?

5. Leila remembers thanking the ______________ for offering her some time off.

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