Objects & Places from Bone

Fae M. Ng
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The Baby Store

This business opens on Grant Avenue after the failure of the Ong & Leong Laundry.

Edith Eaton School

This location is the school at the edge of Chinatown where Leila works as a community relations specialist.

Hoy Sun Ning Yung Benevolent Association

These are the administrators of the overcrowded Chinese cemetery, deciding when rented sections are to be dug up, individuals' bones claimed for reburial in China by family, or gathered by surname and reburied on-site.

L. L. Grocery

This place is the store on Pacific Avenue that Leon and Mah own and operate for a short time. The girls practically live there and help after school and on weekends.

The Mission

This is the area of San Francisco where Mason lives and works, about a 20-minute.drive from Salmon Alley mid-morning. This lies outside Chinatown and, thus, represents freedom.

Nam Ping Yuen

This is the...

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