Bone Fun Activities

Fae M. Ng
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Create a New Book Cover for the Novel

Have the students each create a new book cover for this novel to share with the class to explain their choices in design.

Telling the Story from Start to Finish

Have students write out a summary of the story from the beginning to end, as opposed to the backward plot that seems to be the case in the actual book.

Casting the Characters in the Movie of the Novel

Have students choose actors who could play the roles of the various characters in this story.

Exploring San Francisco's Chinatown

Have students do some research to find out what the area of San Francisco's Chinatown is actually like and then share three things that surprised them.

Finding a Stereo at the Local Goodwill

Have students go to the nearest thrift store to see if they can find a stereo for $25. If...

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