Bone Character Descriptions

Fae M. Ng
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Leila Fu Louie (Lei)

This character, the narrator, is born and raised in San Francisco's Chinatown.

Ona Leong

This character recently commits suicide, leaping from the M Floor of The Nam, upset over opposition to her boyfriend.

Nina Leong

This character has escaped a hated life by moving to New York City. She resembles her mother strongly in face and hair, and shares both parents' fiery temperament.

Mah Leong

This character is born in one of the poor villages surrounding Hong Kong and marries her husband to escape poverty.

Lai-on Leong (Leon)

The narrator's stepfather, born Nov 21, 1924, in Hong Kong, this character is a naturalized America merchant seaman living in San Francisco's Chinatown when not at sea.

Mason Louie

The narrator's lover of four years, this character finally convinces her to marry while visiting her younger sister in New York.

Serena Choi

A girl who attends Galileo High...

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