Bone Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Fae M. Ng
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Chapter 1

• Leila recently eloped in New York and people are gossiping about it.

• Leila is trying to help the homeless.

• Leila is looking for Leon and gets various answers as to where he is.

• Leila picks up Leon at the Goodwill.

• Leila tells her wedding news to Mah who says nothing.

Chapter 2

• Nina offers to take Mah to Hong Kong.

• Nina takes a job leading tours of China, a place she has never seen.

• Leila and Mason fly to New York.

• Nina likes Zhang, a national guide assigned to the group.

• Leon and Mah come to the airport to see Nina.

• A waiter flirts with Nina, but she does not notice.

• Leila does not want a big wedding banquet.

• Nina insists that Leila do what she wants.

• Mason and Leila pay $5 to get married at City Hall.

Chapter 3

• Leila helps Mason bleed the brakes on a BMW.

• Zeke...

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