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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Anita have Agent Bradford do when Serephina begins trying to use Anita to come save her?
(a) Knock her out.
(b) Stab her with a crucifix.
(c) Cuff her.
(d) Hold her down.

2. What does Jean-Claude say he was born as?
(a) A duke's son.
(b) An aristocrat.
(c) A rich shipper's son.
(d) A French peasant.

3. Why does Jean-Claude say that Larry and Jason have gone out?
(a) To go meet a member of the council.
(b) To get Anita some medicine for her bite marks.
(c) To get Jason some food.
(d) To get a new coffin.

4. What does Anita have to call housekeeping for in Chapter 29?
(a) Clean towels.
(b) Food.
(c) Medicine and bandages.
(d) To have a telegraph sent.

5. What unique ability does Jean-Claude say that Serephina has?
(a) To be able to go out in daylight once every month.
(b) To transform.
(c) To call ghosts.
(d) To become invisible.

6. What does Anita feel when she watches Jean-Claude stop breathing as the sun comes up?
(a) Sadness.
(b) His soul would leave his body.
(c) Fear.
(d) Panic.

7. In the end of Chapter 22 what does Anita realize suddenly is going to bother her?
(a) Being close to Jason all night.
(b) Meeting one of Jean-Claude's lovers.
(c) Pretending to be one of Jean-Claude's human servants.
(d) Being so close to vampiares and not being allowed to kill them.

8. Where does Anita wake up in Chapter 39?
(a) In Serephina's basement.
(b) In a large bed.
(c) A coffin.
(d) In her hotel room.

9. What does Magnus say helps to drown Serephina out?
(a) Morphine.
(b) A fey spell.
(c) Using glamor.
(d) Getting drunk.

10. What does Bloody Bones tell Magnus?
(a) You will return the blood you have taken.
(b) You have used my power pitifully.
(c) I knew this day would come.
(d) I will be free to kill you.

11. What does Janos say he wants to see before dawn?
(a) The death of Jean-Claude.
(b) Everyone happy and getting along.
(c) The fulfillment of the prophecy.
(d) Them all naked and bleeding.

12. What does Jason tell Anita when he lays down to let Jean-Claude feed on him?
(a) It shouldn't have hurt her so bad.
(b) The neck hurts less.
(c) He has more blood to give than Anita.
(d) Anita should have let him go first.

13. What does Serephina say that Jean-Claude will be?
(a) Food for the other vampires.
(b) Her puppet.
(c) A log for the fire.
(d) Her lap dog.

14. What does Serephina offer to let Anita do?
(a) Kill Magnus.
(b) Be the one to save Jeff Quinlan.
(c) Punish Ivy.
(d) Kill Janos.

15. What color is the basement in Serephina's home?
(a) Black walls, floors, and ceiling.
(b) Red walls with great tapestries hanging.
(c) It is light blue with little sheep being devored and blood spiling onto the fresh grass.
(d) Splattered shades on each wall and windows that have been painted on.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the vampire stick in Anita's ear in Chapter 26?

2. What does Jason say when Anita asks him if getting shot is worth kissing her once?

3. What is Jason told he must do when he agrees to take the place of one of the girls that the vampires were going to hurt?

4. What line does Anita say that Jean-Claude has crossed that only a handful of other vampires have crossed?

5. What does Bloody Bones say that Serephina had promised him?

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