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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Jason told he must do when he agrees to take the place of one of the girls that the vampires were going to hurt?
(a) He must let them stick needles through his eye lids.
(b) He must lick Janos' feet.
(c) He must have sex with two of the women vampires in front of everyone.
(d) He must have silver spikes driven into his hands and feet.

2. What does Jean-Claude say the vampire said to him that chose to turn him?
(a) He was a unique human.
(b) He would be a good pet.
(c) She had liked his shirt and table manners.
(d) His beauty called to her.

3. What does Magnus explain that Serephina offered him in exchange for being her servant?
(a) Magic abilities.
(b) Freedom from tending Bloody Bones.
(c) Money.
(d) Immortality.

4. Why does Jean-Claude say that he is confident of the level of Serephina's powers?
(a) She was a different kind of vampire than he is.
(b) He has been talking to some of Serephina's consorts.
(c) A vampire's powers are established at about two or three centuries.
(d) She never was very powerful.

5. What does Anita see on Jean-Claude as he walks past her without his shirt on?
(a) White scars.
(b) Fresh cuts.
(c) Bite marks.
(d) A tatoo.

6. What does Dorcas say she sees after she shakes Anita's hand?
(a) Sadness and lonliness.
(b) A whirlwind of emotions that cannot be sorted through.
(c) She isn't sure what she sees.
(d) Blood, pain, and death.

7. What happens when Jean-Claude asks for his coffin back?
(a) Ivy brings out an old rusty urn with ashes.
(b) Serephina explains that it has bee shipped to Russia.
(c) Serephina tells him it is payment for his trespassing.
(d) Janos brings out a bag of splinters.

8. What does Bloody Bones tell Magnus?
(a) You have used my power pitifully.
(b) I will be free to kill you.
(c) I knew this day would come.
(d) You will return the blood you have taken.

9. What does Anita use to kill Ivy?
(a) A machete.
(b) Larry's gun.
(c) Her necklace.
(d) A hatchet.

10. What does Jean-Claude say about the shadows that remain on the porch although the moonlight is bright?
(a) He doesn't see what they are talking about.
(b) It is glamor.
(c) It is a parlor trick.
(d) It is only in their imagination.

11. Who does Magnus say is in the other coffin in the Bloody Bones bar?
(a) Xavier and Jeff.
(b) Ellie Quinlan.
(c) Jean-Claude.
(d) Janos.

12. Why does Dorcas say that her ancestry imprisoned Bloody Bones?
(a) To gain immortality.
(b) To make a potion of its blood.
(c) To protect himself from the other fey.
(d) To procreate with it.

13. In the end of Chapter 22 what does Anita realize suddenly is going to bother her?
(a) Being so close to vampiares and not being allowed to kill them.
(b) Pretending to be one of Jean-Claude's human servants.
(c) Meeting one of Jean-Claude's lovers.
(d) Being close to Jason all night.

14. Why does Anita tell Jean-Claude that she could never have sex with him?
(a) She is in love with Richard.
(b) Because it grosses her out.
(c) Because she can't trust him.
(d) It isn't natural.

15. What does Anita have to call housekeeping for in Chapter 29?
(a) Food.
(b) Clean towels.
(c) To have a telegraph sent.
(d) Medicine and bandages.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Anita tell Serephina when she tells Anita that she they will live forever together and that she will be Anita's mother?

2. What does Magnus say will happen if Anita raises the dead from the hillside for Stirling?

3. What does Anita say she plans on doing to Serephina in Chapter 31 when Larry asks?

4. What does Jean-Claude say it means in the end of Chapter 24 when a different vampire comes into the basement?

5. What does Jean-Claude say that the handkerchief is at the top of the stairs?

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