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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Stirling say he knows about the Bouviers?
(a) They are rude and uneducated.
(b) He went to school with the boy.
(c) They are poor people.
(d) The locals say that they are witches.

2. What does Anita say when Bert tells her that John's pride is hurt in Chapter 1?
(a) He needs to get over it.
(b) He's a big boy now, time to play like one.
(c) Join the club.
(d) There is a lot of it to hurt.

3. What does Magnus say when Anita asks if the only reason he doesn't want to be a millionaire is just because of family tradition?
(a) Money is not everything.
(b) He pays the bills just fine.
(c) He had money once and didn't care for it.
(d) Money corrupts.

4. Why does Bert say that he puts up with Anita in Chapter 1?
(a) He likes her.
(b) They have a kid together.
(c) He makes her a lot of money.
(d) He had been friends with her father.

5. What does Anita realize when she meets Magnus?
(a) He is dangerous.
(b) He is related to Stirling.
(c) He isn't her killer.
(d) He isn't human.

6. What does Larry say when Anita tells him he can go stand with Mr. Stirling if he can stand it in Chapter 17?
(a) He needs to sooth the nerves Anita has frayed any ways.
(b) He schmoozes clients better than Anita does.
(c) He can stand it for a moment or two.
(d) Someone needs to go hold Stirling's hand.

7. What does Anita notice is odd about the graveyard in Chapter 17?
(a) The level of hostility.
(b) It sits directly under a magic line.
(c) The number of non-human spirits in the graveyard.
(d) The number of souls still in the graveyard.

8. What kind of bullets does Anita say works best on fairies?
(a) Cold iron.
(b) Copper.
(c) Lead.
(d) Nickle.

9. What does Larry say when Anita asks him if he is enjoying the fact that she is scared of the helicopter ride in Chapter 3?
(a) He doesn't get to see her out of her element often.
(b) He has a funny feeling about this situation and hasn't noticed her fear.
(c) Not at all.
(d) She is making him nervous the way she is acting.

10. What does Anita tell Larry she did when explaining that she isn't always good around fresh dead bodies in Chapter 6?
(a) She passed out in a pool of blood.
(b) She screamed when she saw a headless corpse.
(c) She threw up on a murder victim.
(d) She has nightmares.

11. What does Beau say when Anita asks if they will have to stop construction until they buy back the land if the dead are the Bouvier relatives?
(a) They aren't sure yet.
(b) The Bouviers don't want to sell.
(c) They won't necessarily have to stop.
(d) They will have to halt construction for a month.

12. Where does Larry say the cold wind is coming from in Chapter 17?
(a) Every direction at once.
(b) The ground.
(c) Anita.
(d) Straight above.

13. Why does Anita say that she and her father didn't talk much about her mother?
(a) It made him cry.
(b) Her father had a nervous break down.
(c) They argued when they talked about her.
(d) Her father was remarried.

14. What does Freemont admit to when Anita says she might be able to help stop the monster that is responsible before it kills again?
(a) They think it already has killed.
(b) They think it came from a neighboring town.
(c) It has killed before.
(d) They don't want her help.

15. What is NOT one of the rules that Anita gives the men in Chapter 15 when they go out to hunt the vampires?
(a) Never, ever give up your cross.
(b) Never, ever look them in the eyes.
(c) Aim for the head and heart.
(d) Keep your stakes close.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Ellie's father say they want her staked?

2. What does the sheriff say when Anita tells him that she has been working with the police for three years?

3. What does Anita say that Jason did the last two times that they met?

4. What does Larry say when Anita asks him if he trusts Stirling?

5. What does Stirling say that the Bouvier family owns?

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