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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Anita ask Jeff to show her the other doors in the house?
(a) So she can talk to Jeff alone.
(b) So his father will have a minute to calm down.
(c) So she can snoop around the Quinlan home.
(d) So she can find where the vampire entered.

2. Why does Anita not tell Wallace is the true reason that vampires do not feed off of animals?
(a) The feeding gives the vampires a connection to their victims.
(b) Because they enjoy having the power over humans.
(c) Because feeding is a lot like sex to vampires.
(d) They want to make humans their servants through feeding.

3. What does Anita tell Stirling is the reason she wants him and his entourage to stay clear of her and Larry in the graveyard in Chapter 17?
(a) So that they aren't hurt.
(b) So she and Larry aren't distracted.
(c) To keep the magic field from being disrupted.
(d) Their aura's can mess up the magic.

4. What has been taken from the third victim that Anita looks over in Chapter 7?
(a) Brain.
(b) Humerus.
(c) Guts.
(d) Mandible.

5. What does Freemont say she would say they were dealing with if they thought the killer was an ordinary human?
(a) An escaped mental patient.
(b) A navy seal.
(c) A serial killer.
(d) A real sicko.

6. Where does Anita tell agent Bradford that she got Xavier's name?
(a) A psychic.
(b) From her home town police.
(c) It fell into her lap.
(d) From a friend.

7. How many people does Burt tell Anita they want to have raised?
(a) Three or four.
(b) One.
(c) The entire cemetery.
(d) Ten if possible.

8. What does Anita say when Jean-Claude calls her an impatient flower while talking to him on the phone?
(a) Stop it.
(b) His pet names really make her angry.
(c) She is going to shoot him.
(d) She perfers ma petite.

9. What does Anita say that Magnus is?
(a) A pixie.
(b) A troll.
(c) A vampire.
(d) A fairie.

10. What does Anita say when Wallace asks her if she is scared?
(a) I'm numb to it anymore.
(b) A little.
(c) I am too tense to be scared.
(d) Down to my toes.

11. What does Larry say should be against the rules when Anita tells him about the vampire that Jean-Claude told her about?
(a) Turning someone with those tendencies.
(b) Someone being more than one kind of monster at a time.
(c) Obeying any laws that allow Jeff Quinlan to stay with a pedophile.
(d) The world to work this way.

12. Where does Anita say that she had felt her mother's spirit as she explains it in Chapter 17?
(a) The funeral home.
(b) Their home.
(c) In her mother's car.
(d) In her mother's bathroom.

13. What does Freemont admit to when Anita says she might be able to help stop the monster that is responsible before it kills again?
(a) They think it came from a neighboring town.
(b) They don't want her help.
(c) They think it already has killed.
(d) It has killed before.

14. What does Richard ask when Anita tells him she has to go out of town on business in Chapter 2?
(a) Will you miss me?
(b) Zombie, vampire, or police?
(c) For how long?
(d) Can I go too?

15. What does Jean-Claude tell Anita that him flying into Branson without going through the customs will be viewed as?
(a) A very hostile act.
(b) A declaration of war.
(c) A decleration of service to the other vampires.
(d) Flighty.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Anita NOT say that Richard is in Chapter 2?

2. What does Beau say he is going to do in Chapter 17 when Anita warns him not to be waiting on them at the bottom of the hill with another gun?

3. What does Anita see on Wallace's neck?

4. What does Jeff say about Andy?

5. What does Bayard answer when Anita asks if he is aware that she is not sure she can raise all the dead?

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