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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Anita do in Chapter 14 that gets Wallace to open up to her and tell her the story of his partner?
(a) Gives him a cross.
(b) Puts a spell on him.
(c) Lets him see the scar on her collar bone.
(d) Shows him the picture of her niece that was killed by a vampire.

2. Why does Anita say tat vampires tend to stay near cities?
(a) There is less scrutiny against them in the cities.
(b) They can hide their victims better.
(c) They develop large enterprises in cities.
(d) They can blend into cities easier.

3. Why does Anita tell the sheriff that she is general called in at the beginning of a murder scene rather than at the end?
(a) Because her magic works better at a fresh scene.
(b) So she can get a feel on the mood in the room.
(c) It keeps the body count down.
(d) It is an experimental arrangement.

4. What does Granger say happened to Wallace's first partner when talking to Anita in Chapter 14?
(a) No one ever found the body.
(b) Werewolves killed him.
(c) Vampire killed him.
(d) He became a vampire.

5. What does Anita say that Magnus is?
(a) A vampire.
(b) A pixie.
(c) A fairie.
(d) A troll.

6. What does Larry say when Anita asks him if he is enjoying the fact that she is scared of the helicopter ride in Chapter 3?
(a) She is making him nervous the way she is acting.
(b) He has a funny feeling about this situation and hasn't noticed her fear.
(c) He doesn't get to see her out of her element often.
(d) Not at all.

7. What does Anita say when Jean-Claude calls her an impatient flower while talking to him on the phone?
(a) She is going to shoot him.
(b) His pet names really make her angry.
(c) Stop it.
(d) She perfers ma petite.

8. What does Anita ask Dolph to try and keep to himself when she talks to him in Chapter 10?
(a) That Magnus uses glamor.
(b) That Magnus is a fairie.
(c) That she is eating a burger.
(d) That Magnus could be a murder suspect.

9. What does Jean-Claude tell Anita that him flying into Branson without going through the customs will be viewed as?
(a) A declaration of war.
(b) A decleration of service to the other vampires.
(c) Flighty.
(d) A very hostile act.

10. What does Anita say that Jason did the last two times that they met?
(a) Tried to sell her to a demon.
(b) Tried to eat her.
(c) Fought on her side.
(d) Ran away.

11. Why does Anita ask Jeff to show her the other doors in the house?
(a) So she can find where the vampire entered.
(b) So she can talk to Jeff alone.
(c) So she can snoop around the Quinlan home.
(d) So his father will have a minute to calm down.

12. Why is Anita against cutting off vampire legs and arms and leaving them in a prison?
(a) She has some vampire friends.
(b) They can transform.
(c) They can regrow their arms and legs.
(d) It seems cruel.

13. What does Richard ask when Anita tells him she has to go out of town on business in Chapter 2?
(a) Will you miss me?
(b) For how long?
(c) Zombie, vampire, or police?
(d) Can I go too?

14. What does Anita say most people need in order to raise zombies from the grave?
(a) A thunder storm.
(b) One of their direct descendant's blood.
(c) A warped sense of humor.
(d) A human sacrifice.

15. What does Anita put in her suitcase in Chapter 2?
(a) A hangman's rope, clothes, and an extra phone.
(b) Clothes, potion mixtures, and a little pistol.
(c) Two knives, two guns, and some clothes.
(d) A cocktail dress, pair a jeans and two shirts.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has been taken from the third victim that Anita looks over in Chapter 7?

2. In Chapter 7 what does Anita say she thinks the killer is?

3. Why does Jean-Claude say he will not give Anita the name of the vampire he thinks may be responsible for the murders?

4. In Chapter 8 what does Anita asks Larry if he wants to do?

5. What does Anita see on Wallace's neck?

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