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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Anita tell agent Bradford that she got Xavier's name?
(a) From a friend.
(b) From her home town police.
(c) A psychic.
(d) It fell into her lap.

2. In Chapter 7 what does Anita say she thinks the killer is?
(a) A lycanthrope.
(b) A human with magic.
(c) A vampire.
(d) A troll.

3. What does Anita say when Wallace asks her if she is scared?
(a) Down to my toes.
(b) I am too tense to be scared.
(c) I'm numb to it anymore.
(d) A little.

4. What does Stirling say that the Bouvier family owns?
(a) Two nickles.
(b) A feed store.
(c) A music shop.
(d) A restaurant.

5. What does Anita do in Chapter 14 that gets Wallace to open up to her and tell her the story of his partner?
(a) Gives him a cross.
(b) Puts a spell on him.
(c) Lets him see the scar on her collar bone.
(d) Shows him the picture of her niece that was killed by a vampire.

6. What does Magnus tell Anita when she asks if he is a vegetarian?
(a) It's another family tradition.
(b) On certain days.
(c) Recently became one.
(d) He eats all sorts of things.

7. In Chapter 8 what do Anita and Larry get out of the Jeep to check?
(a) An odd sign carved into a tree.
(b) An old woman.
(c) Chopped down trees.
(d) A cluster of bone fragments.

8. What does Anita say when Stirling asks if she is always that arrogant?
(a) Not always.
(b) Only when she is on a job that only she can do.
(c) Yes.
(d) She prefers the word confident.

9. What does Anita say that Magnus is?
(a) A pixie.
(b) A troll.
(c) A fairie.
(d) A vampire.

10. What does Anita say when Jean-Claude calls her an impatient flower while talking to him on the phone?
(a) She is going to shoot him.
(b) His pet names really make her angry.
(c) She perfers ma petite.
(d) Stop it.

11. Why does Freemont say that she is certain that Magnus is guilty in Chapter 16?
(a) They found items belonging to Magnus on one of the bodies.
(b) He ran when they tried to question him.
(c) Magnus had a beef with two of the murder victims.
(d) His sister has told police that Magnus was responsible for the murders.

12. What does Larry say when Anita tells him he can go stand with Mr. Stirling if he can stand it in Chapter 17?
(a) He schmoozes clients better than Anita does.
(b) Someone needs to go hold Stirling's hand.
(c) He can stand it for a moment or two.
(d) He needs to sooth the nerves Anita has frayed any ways.

13. Where does Anita say that she had felt her mother's spirit as she explains it in Chapter 17?
(a) Their home.
(b) The funeral home.
(c) In her mother's car.
(d) In her mother's bathroom.

14. What does the button say that Anita is wearing in Chapter 1?
(a) I left my pot of gold in my other pants.
(b) Pinch me and you're dead meat.
(c) I'm Irish, kiss me.
(d) I'm a leprechaun.

15. What kind of bullets does Anita say works best on fairies?
(a) Cold iron.
(b) Lead.
(c) Nickle.
(d) Copper.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Anita say that Jason did the last two times that they met?

2. What does Anita say when Bayard asks if it would have been easier if she had been brought in before the graves had been disturbed?

3. What does Granger say happened to Wallace's first partner when talking to Anita in Chapter 14?

4. What does the sheriff tell Anita that the parents want done to Ellie's body?

5. What does Anita tell Larry she did when explaining that she isn't always good around fresh dead bodies in Chapter 6?

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