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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 26-30.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Jason doing after Janos has left the room?
(a) Tearing apart the two female vampires that had been on him.
(b) Howling at the moon.
(c) Scrubing at his skin.
(d) Pounding on the door to be let out.

2. Why does Jean-Claude say he will not give Anita the name of the vampire he thinks may be responsible for the murders?
(a) Jean-Claude has to be sure before saying the name out loud.
(b) The vampire's master is Jean-Claude's friend.
(c) He is too dangerous to be revealed to the general public.
(d) There is a war going on in the vampire ranks and this plays into that war.

3. What does Larry say should be against the rules when Anita tells him about the vampire that Jean-Claude told her about?
(a) Turning someone with those tendencies.
(b) Obeying any laws that allow Jeff Quinlan to stay with a pedophile.
(c) The world to work this way.
(d) Someone being more than one kind of monster at a time.

4. What does Jean-Claude say is the only true way to kill vampires like Janos that can turn into rotting corpses?
(a) By magical spells.
(b) With fire.
(c) To decapitate them.
(d) With sunlight.

5. What does Larry say when Anita asks him if he trusts Stirling?
(a) I guess so.
(b) Not as far as I can throw him.
(c) I haven't thought about it.
(d) I'll tell you later.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jean-Claude tell Anita to find out about the murders when he talks to Anita on the phone?

2. What does Anita say when Jean-Claude calls her an impatient flower while talking to him on the phone?

3. What happens when Magnus appears on the mountain in Chapter 17?

4. Why does Serephina say that she will help Anita find Jeff Quinlan in Chapter 27?

5. What does Beau say he is going to do in Chapter 17 when Anita warns him not to be waiting on them at the bottom of the hill with another gun?

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