Blood Rites Character Descriptions

Jim Butcher
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Harry Dresden

He is a wizard who works in the private sector but also does consultant work for the Special Investigative division of the police force.

Lt. Karrin Murphy

She is described as small and rather attractive with blond hair, but she is extremely tough.

Thomas Raith

He tells Harry that he has a friend in the adult filming business that has a curse on him.

Lara Raith

She is Thomas's older sister.

Lord Raith

He is the father of Thomas and Lara and the leader of the White Court vampires.

Jared Kincaid

Harry hires him as a mercenary to help him kill the Black Court vampires that are after Harry.


She is a very old and very powerful member of the Black Court vampires.


She is the girlfriend of Thomas Raith.

Inari Raith

She is the little sister of Thomas Raith.

Ebenezar McCoy

He is...

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