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Richelle Mead
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Short Answer Questions

1. In chapter 23, what is Lissa called to the counselor to discuss?

2. In chapter 21, what does Adrian see on Rose's neck that causes him concern?

3. In chapter 24, how does Rose distract Dimitri when he comes to learn her decision about turning Strigoi?

4. In chapter 20, what gift does Dimitri give to Rose?

5. In chapter 23, where had Dimitri been right before visiting Rose?

Short Essay Questions

1. In chapter 25, how does Rose find the room where she believes her stake was taken upon her capture by Dimitri? Why does she go here?

2. In chapter 18, what reason does Dimitri give for not killing Rose when he found her in Novosibirsk?

3. In chapter 28, what does Rose teach Lissa to do in order to protect herself from Reed?

4. In chapter 26, why does Rose decide to ambush Dimitri in the woods? What happens?

5. In chapter 21, why does Dimitri tell Rose he refuses to turn her Strigoi against her will? What will Dimitri do if Rose will not commit to being turned Strigoi?

6. In chapter 25, why does Rose stop to help Dimitri kill Galina?

7. In chapter 18, who interrupts Rose and Dimitri? What does he want? What is implied by this Strigoi's obedience to Dimitri?

8. In chapter 24, why does Rose stab Dimitri with a chair leg? What result is she hoping for?

9. In chapter 21, who attacks Rose? How does Rose attempt to defend herself?

10. In chapter 25, how does Rose escape the two doors that keep her locked in her prison room?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why is Rose surprised that she is treated like Dimitri's girlfriend during his memorial service? How is this different from how Rose and Dimitri expected to be treated had their relationship been revealed? How does this make Rose feel? Does this have an impact on Rose's determination to find Dimitri and free him from his current Strigoi condition? Does this have an impact on Rose's opinion of dhampir women in the community of Baia? Does this memorial service change Sydney's opinion of Rose and dhampirs in general?

Essay Topic 2

Why does Rose choose a bridge for her final confrontation with Dimitri? What does Rose say to Dimitri as she sinks her stake into his chest? What is Dimitri's response? Why does Rose not know for sure if she managed to get the stake into Dimitri's chest? What happens to Dimitri's body? How is Rose able to leave the area and get to help? Who comes to Rose's rescue once again? Who uses spirit to help Rose heal? What embarrassing wound does Rose have that she is grateful no one has asked about? For what reason?

Essay Topic 3

Who is Abe Mazur? Why has Sydney called Abe? What does Sydney tell Rose about Abe? What did Abe do to save Rose's life after she fought two Strigoi on a remote farm? Why did Abe take Rose to the Belikov home? How does Rose feel about waking in the Belikov home? Why does Rose hesitate to tell the Belikovs who she is and why she has come to Siberia? How does Dimitri's family react when Rose tells them about Dimitri becoming Strigoi? Why do the Moroi and dhampirs consider those turned into Strigoi to be dead?

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