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Richelle Mead
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Short Answer Questions

1. In chapter 24, what does Dimitri say when Rose asks why he wants her to change to Strigoi?

2. In chapter 22, what unusual thing happens as Rose visits Lissa through their mental bond?

3. In chapter 27, who is the first person Rose sees when she wakes the next day?

4. In chapter 28, how does Lissa finally disable Reed?

5. In chapter 23, what is Lissa called to the counselor to discuss?

Short Essay Questions

1. In chapter 30, who encourages Rose to re-enroll at St. Vladimir's Academy? What does this person think Rose can do with her education?

2. In chapter 25, how does Rose escape the two doors that keep her locked in her prison room?

3. In chapter 21, who attacks Rose? How does Rose attempt to defend herself?

4. In chapter 21, why does Dimitri tell Rose he refuses to turn her Strigoi against her will? What will Dimitri do if Rose will not commit to being turned Strigoi?

5. In chapter 23, what happens when Rose uses the mental bond to check in on Lissa again?

6. In chapter 23, what appears to happen to Dimitri when he holds the charmed ring Rose got from Mark?

7. In chapter 22, what does Rose discover is going on with Lissa? What does Christian say to Lissa?

8. In chapter 26, how does Rose keep Dimitri from overwhelming her as she attempts to climb the river bank to a bridge above?

9. In chapter 28, who joins the fight against Avery with Lissa, Rose, and Oksana? What is the result?

10. In chapter 25, how does Rose escape from the Strigoi standing guard outside the second door locking her in her prison room?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What makes Rose finally realize she must fight Dimitri's control over her? What makes Rose decide she must go through with her plan to kill Dimitri? How does Rose manage to incapacitate Dimitri long enough to escape her prison? Why does Rose go in search of a silver stake upon leaving her prison cell, rather than immediately seeking a way out of the house? What is unique about the stake that Rose takes with her? Why does Rose instruct a servant to take her to a room with large windows rather than attempting to escape out the front door? What room does the servant take her to? Who does Rose find waiting there?

Essay Topic 2

Who is Sydney? What tattoo does Sydney have on her face? What special abilities does this tattoo give to Sydney? What is the definition of alchemist? Why is Sydney and her kind called Alchemists? What is Sydney's primary function in the vampire world? Why does Sydney seek out Rose? Why does Sydney seem reluctant to help Rose? What does Sydney finally agree to do for Rose? For what reason? From whom does Sydney first get permission to help Rose? What does this imply about Rose's situation?

Essay Topic 3

Why is Rose surprised that she is treated like Dimitri's girlfriend during his memorial service? How is this different from how Rose and Dimitri expected to be treated had their relationship been revealed? How does this make Rose feel? Does this have an impact on Rose's determination to find Dimitri and free him from his current Strigoi condition? Does this have an impact on Rose's opinion of dhampir women in the community of Baia? Does this memorial service change Sydney's opinion of Rose and dhampirs in general?

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