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Richelle Mead
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In chapter 2, how does Sydney dispose of the body of Sydney's attacker after Rose kills him?
(a) She calls the police.
(b) With a fire.
(c) She calls the morgue.
(d) With a chemical that dissolves the body.

2. In chapter 11, what does Adrian try to do at St. Vlad's in order to teach Lissa more about spirit?
(a) Compel Avery.
(b) Heal a plant.
(c) Move an object.
(d) Enter Rose's dreams.

3. In chapter 10, what does Rose find herself carrying through the village?
(a) Strigoi artifacts.
(b) Casserole dishes.
(c) Heavy boxes.
(d) Gardening tools.

4. In chapter 16, what shocks Rose the most when she finds a Strigoi who knows Dimitri?
(a) The idea of Dimitri with another lover.
(b) The idea of Dimitri holding on to memories of his life as a dhampir.
(c) The idea of Dimitri making friends as a Strigoi.
(d) The idea of Dimitri killing innocents.

5. In chapter 6, what wakes Rose in the middle of the night?
(a) A headache.
(b) A bad dream.
(c) Nausea.
(d) Hunger.

Short Answer Questions

1. In chapter 17, why does Rose not stake Dimitri when given the chance?

2. In chapter 8, who does Rose believe Avery has romantic feelings toward?

3. In chapter 5, when does Rose tell the reader Dimitri admitted to obsessing over her in private even while trying to keep their relationship professional?

4. In chapter 13, what argument does Denis give for not becoming a guardian?

5. In chapter 10, who is Oksana?

Short Essay Questions

1. In chapter 15, what happens between Rose and Viktoria when Rolan breaks up with Viktoria? For what reason?

2. In the prologue, how does Rose tell the reader Dimitri became a Strigoi?

3. In chapter 10, where does Dimitri's grandmother take Rose? For what reason?

4. In chapter 6, who comes to Rose's rescue in the aftermath of her fight with the Strigoi? How does she get to the Belikov home in Baia?

5. In chapter 6, what does Rose use in order to defeat Strigoi in an old barn?

6. In chapter 17, what does Lissa do at Court that leaves those who know her feeling concerned about her behavior?

7. In chapter 14, who offers to break up Rolan and Viktoria on the condition that Rose leave Baia?

8. In chapter 8, Sydney warns Rose about Abe Mazur and later Rose meets Abe. What does Sydney tell Rose about Abe? What is Rose's immediate opinion of Abe?

9. In chapter 12, with whom does Rose argue? Why?

10. In chapter 1, who begins to follow Rose as she makes her way back to her hotel from the Nightingale?

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