Blood Promise Short Essay - Answer Key

Richelle Mead
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1. In the prologue, how does Rose tell the reader Dimitri became a Strigoi?

In the prologue, Rose describes a rescue attempt by guardians at St. Vladimir's Academy to rescue a group of students and teachers taken during a Strigoi attack on the school. In the final minutes of the fight, Dimitri was attacked by a Strigoi and turned into a Strigoi.

2. In chapter 1, why does Rose tell the reader she has been spending time in a Russian nightclub called the Nightingale?

In chapter 1, Rose tells the reader she has been hanging out in the Nightingale in Russia because she is trying to find Dimitri's home village in Siberia, but does not know the name. Rose hopes that she can ask a dhampir or Moroi who hangs out in the Nightingale where the village, a well-known dhampir village, is located.

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